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Direct Flight Airport Parking - Economy Park
What a terrible experience over March Break.... A joke of a business... Took too long to return , plane was delayed. Too many excuses for great cuts servic . Do. Not go there.
Direct Flight Airport Parking - Economy Park
Horrible experience. Avoid at all cost! Had to wait over 40 minutes to get the shuttle bus, while Yasin (the operator) has been promising it will arrive in 5 minutes. Called 4 times, still no shuttle. When I got to the booth to talk to him, he was extremely rude and told me I am probably blind, and hence missed it, when I asked him if he thinks it’s a good customer service, he told me “I don’t f… care”.. Seriously buddy, that’s how you talk to your customer? Funny enough, one of his drivers confirmed that he in fact did not dispatch anyone while we were waiting. This pathetic company is saving money, and does not want to send a shuttle for 2 people. I’ve researched on-line and seems like this is a norm with them. PLEASE Do yourself a huge favor and park somewhere else.
Direct Flight Airport Parking - Economy Park
Don't Park there, We had just return from Cuba on April 10, 2012 and someone there scratch the hell out of our MDX truck. There totally rude and can't even give you a call. The worst of it is that they don't even have camera's in which one of the men said there looking into getting them. I don't believe a word they say. Save yourself the headache and park at the Park and Fly, your better off!! This place is a dump!!!
Direct Flight Airport Parking - Economy Park
We used direct flight parking last year and had no problems, so naturally we decided to use them again this was AWFUL! Our arrival was good, parked the car and was shuttled to airport right away. When we came back from the trip we called to get picked up and they said someone would come right away. We waited about 30 min then called again, they said someone would be there very soon. 15 min later they finally showed up (we had 2 children with us, so as you can imagine it was not fun waiting for the shuttle). The driver explained they were doing a shift change so that was why they were slower to pick up. Didn't know it took 45 min to do a shift change. When we got back to our car, it didn't start so we asked if the driver had any booster cables, he did not but said he would go look for some and left. We waited about 15 min and there was no one. Now remember we had a 9 year old and a 5 year old, it was 12:00 am and it was -5 outside. My husband went to the office and asked where the guy was and they said he went to the other lot to get cables. So we waited another 15 min in the cold, finally my husband went back and asked if the guy in the office had a car if he could boost us instead of waiting for the other guy to come back. He reluctantly agreed, and came to boost our this point we had been waiting 40 min. After boosting our car, he then had the NERVE to ask us for money because he helped us!!!! My husband only had $10 cash on him and the guy was like "I want $15" which we didn't have, so he took the $10 and left in a huff. I was DISGUSTED!!What parking lot does not have booster cables? We used Park N Fly before and I will definately go back to them again...its worth it to pay the extra few $$ for MUCH better service!!
Direct Flight Airport Parking - Economy Park
First off, I am not the type of person to post reviews about anything, but after such a horrible experience with this company I felt compelled to share my experience in the hope of possibly saving someone from what I went thorough. First of all, the staff in general was INCREDIBLY rude. The shuttle van driver, who was a healthy middle aged man, complained about the weight of my suitcase and kept on making offhand comments about it. Mind you, it was not that heavy and I was at the point where I was almost going to tell him not to worry about it and that I would lift it if it was that big of a deal (I am a woman AND I am currently recovering from leg surgery and I could do it just fine.) He wasn't even friendly, didn't say hello or ask where we were going. All he really did was ask what terminal and make snippy comments. Upon our return, when I tried calling for a shuttle back to the lot the man answering the phone had an accent and I could barely figure out what he was saying over all the noise at the airport. When I asked him politely to please repeat himself, he started getting really rude and said something along the lines of "oh my god, what is so difficult to understand?" Well, maybe why they had to be so rude and unprofessional for starters. So once I finally figured out where the heck they wanted us to go, we made our way to the meeting place. We saw a direct flight shuttle coming and as we were making our way towards the vehicle it sped off...we sat and waited for another one to come but after an hour we decided to call again. The man answering the phone was again extremely rude and told us that they had sent a shuttle but that no one was there *sighs* Just overall a horrible experience...spend the extra few dollars a day and go with an airport company that actually likes their jobs and isn't so rude and unprofessional.

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