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The main purpose that we set out to achieve with this web site was to provide unbiased and updated information about airport parking providers (for as many airports as possible), so that users looking for this service could make an educated decission when choosing one provider.

With this goal in mind we laid down some ground rules for our site, namely:

- We do NOT endorse any of the airport parking providers listed on this site (see our Disclaimer).
- We have NOT any financial (or of any other kind) agreement with the airport parking providers listed on this site.
- We do NOT sell parking spaces or benefit directly from it, so by providing users with the data on this site we do NOT incurr in any conflict of interest.
- We WILL provide users with as much info as we could collect about the airport parking providers, including the Link(URL) to their web site.
- We WILL make it easy for users to update themselves(through a monitored mechanism) the rates offered by any airport parking provider, so that this important piece of information is as updated as possible (within our limited resources).
- We WILL listen to whatever you have to say (using our Feedback form) about this site.

We really hope that you find this site useful when shopping for Airport Parking. Thanks for your (online)visit and have a nice ride and flight!

The team.

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