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Park'N Fly - Toronto (Economy Lot)
Great vacation BUT... come home to my car being damaged in parking lot. Super frustrating! No responsibility anywhere anymore. Never using again as there is no security or any care whatsoever. Will be hundreds of $$$$$ to fix!
Park'N Fly - Toronto (Economy Lot)
[Jackie N]
How does this business survive on such rotten service? It was Saturday Feb 24 2018 3 am and I called the Economy phone number for a pickup. The answering machine said the pickup will arrive momentarily (or something to that effect). Five minutes later the Valet van pulls over and I ask the male driver how long before the Economy van shows; his reply: "I don't know"; no smile, no reminder to call the Economy number, no checking his walkie talkie for information; he just did not care. Forty five minutes later and now there is a crowd of about 25 passengers. The Valet van arrives again and I explained to the lady driver that we've been waiting 45 minutes which is unacceptable and I want to be bussed to the Economy parking lot by the Valet van. She tries to get permission on the walkie talkie but there is no response. She takes us on along with Valet and other Economy passengers. At the other end of the airport around another 25 customers have been waiting for a long time and there is no room for them on this van; they are fuming mad just like we are. The Economy parking was definitely not a deal at all; but the Valet parking was even a worse deal because even with the extra expense the customers did not get any better service. I must say that our drop off from the parking lot to the airport on Monday February 19 at about 4am was excellent. The driver was very courteous and did a wonderful job. The service level varies like night and day. You take your chances when you use Park'N Fly. This business does not even deserve one star. I definitely do not recommend it and will never use it again. I hope they improve their service dramaticall; at this point bankruptcy is what they deserve.
Park'N Fly - Toronto (Economy Lot)
this is worst ecno lot going we waited 45 minutes for the shuttle only 1 came and it was full and only that shuttle came. we joined up with another family and took a cab. WARNING DO NOT USE THIS LOT 626 Dixon Rd. it is not run very well rotten shuttle service.
Park'N Fly - Toronto (Economy Lot)
Park n Fly Toronto valet. This was the worst airport experience I have ever had. I waited for 2 hours to get my car from a valet service. When promised a full refund, it never happened. This used to be a good service, but not anymore. I suggest avoiding it completely.
Park'N Fly - Toronto (Economy Lot)
I second (or 3rd or 4th..) above comments. Anyone looking to park at Toronto using Park'N Fly, DON"T! We had a horrendous experience November 25th. We arrived from our European vacation mid afternoon Saturday. Car was left November 15. We lined up with about 10 other customers at terminal 1, 2nd pick up point. They were grumbling how several valet only P&F vans drove by without picking them up. After several more of those vans went by (we got to recognize the drivers!), we went to the first pick up point. No regular vans, so after about an hour, we hired a cab to take us to the P&F lot. By that time the lineup was from the curb to the terminal; I estimate at least 30 people waiting and still no vans. We and others there tried to call the number on the pick-up card given to us. No answer. I sent an email Nov. 27; no response. Atrocious service; avoid at all costs. Another service, didn't catch the name unfortunately, arrived several times over the hour. Once the had 3 vans at the same time!
Park'N Fly - Toronto (Economy Lot)
Usually, I don't write reviews, but I have to say the poor service I've observed with this company has forced me to write my first review. This service has gone downhill! DO NOT USE IT (if you're doing Self-Parking) Yesterday we waited for over 40mins (no exaggeration I timed it) before we could finally get a shuttle bus to take us to our car. This has happened before (though not as long) but we decided to give it a try again on our the last trip, but service has clearly gotten worse. There is no coordination with the drivers so you wait for extended time periods, then see multiple busses all directly after each other. We watched 10 Valet shuttle bus pass and not a single self-parking bus, I even tried asking the valet bus driver to radio in for self-parking buses, with no success (they don't really care, he just told me to wait). There were an estimated 30+ people waiting for self-parking shuttle, yet we would see every 5mins a valet shuttle pass and not pick up anyone. I would highly recommend using another service such as Skypark or Pay4less, their prices are much cheaper and we saw their busses roughly every 5-8mins. If I had a better way to file a complaint I would, but I know no one would listen, the website said they were open 24hrs, I tried calling for a buss, but customer service was closed. Based on my experience, I would rather pay more and keep my car directly at the airport, than waiting around for a shuttle.
Park'N Fly - Toronto (Economy Lot)
Cracked windshield anyone? I've used the Park n' Fly Valet service multiple times in the past but that ends now. I dropped my car off for a week-long vacation this past April. The car was issue free, including the windshield. Upon returning I have a foot long crack in the front windshield. I immediately reported the problem to Park n' Fly management. They took pictures, inspected the window and submitted a claim in the onsite office. All that said, they wrote me the following Monday and declined any level of responsibility. What was a $186.00 parking fee has ballooned to almost $500.00 thanks to my insurance claim. It would appear they are lacking any level of responsibility despite taking your car in their hands for a week.. Be careful everyone!
Park'N Fly - Toronto (Economy Lot)
Unfortunately, sounds like some PNF staff have taken their frustrations, including being paid low wages and working far too many hours without a break, on the customers. When there is a problem best to call with your cell 905-677-9143 and press 0. If you get nowhere doing that, press pound and follow the prompts to connect you with duty manager. Or you could go to valet and speak with duty manager. Not a pleasant place to work and parking lot staff don't get paid enough to be arguing with customers or listen to their complaints. That what the duty managers and operations manager get paid for.
Park'N Fly - Toronto (Economy Lot)
Park'N Fly misleading price. Poor service The online Park'N Fly economy parking price showed about $12/day. At exit I had to pay $22/day - no explanation there. I complained with a saved image from the website and got a partial refund that reduced my cost to $16/day. My trip from exiting the airport door to my car took more than 45 minutes (mostly waiting time). I would not park again to Park'N Fly. Years ago it used to be somewhere near $8/day and faster service.
Park'N Fly - Toronto (Economy Lot)
DO NOT USE PARK & FLY TORONTO - Just got back from vacation used self-park awful service. It took an hour to get to my car. 5 Valet shuttles went by one empty one half empty and they wouldn't take anyone that wasn't going to valet parking. Tried to call them wasn't able to talk to anyone. Once the shuttle came we had to stop at valet dropped 5 people off, stopped at self park dropped 2 people off then finally economy. Then on top it all off we go to leave and there are 10 cars ahead of us and there is a problem with scanning code and paying finally someone come to assist. This is my third time using them never again the first to times I had problems but I thought I would give them a another chance. Never again SKYWAY OR SKY PARK IS THE WAY TO GO. I have used them in the past and was back at my car and driving away within half hour tops.
Park'N Fly - Toronto (Economy Lot)
Everything was good with Parknfly 933 Dixon Rd. until we tried to get out upon our return on the shuttle. First we tried to go out the east gate quick pay or easy exit whatever it is called and it would not work for us. I scanned my ticket which had been safely protected from the sun (so that was not the issue), then our Parknfly rewards card (0201639562) and then I tried to scan my Sunwing Airlines discount coupon but this did not seem to take. I tried the intercom but could not understand the guy. Several attempts later I backed out and flagged down a shuttle driver who said to try the south east station and try to enter everything. I did this but did it without being in my vehicle. Normally, at most other lots or parking garages in Canada and the US you simply walk up to a single pedestal kiosk, enter your ticket, pay the amount and it spits your ticket back out. Then when you get to the gate you deposit your ticket in the slot in the reader and it keeps it and opens the gate. This was what I expected. So, while on foot, I entered all the data (scanned) and including the Sunwing discount coupon barcode and then paid with my credit card. The gate opened but before I could get into my car which was parked adjacent to but not in line another car drove through and the gate shut. At this point I drove up and reinserted/scanned my ticket but it "was not found". So now we were trapped and it had now been a half hour screwing around with this. I tried the intercom again but the guy I talked to did not want listen and just started talking over me telling me to go through the normal steps over and over and would not listen to why this would not now work for me and my circumstances - tota idiot! They need to get some people who have half a brain and want to work for what they get paid! I backed up and drove over to the Parknfly gate on Dixon where we had seen a Parknfly van and security person. I explained what had happened and showed him my ticket and receipt for payment but he would not let us us out past him and indeed moved ahead to block my exit saying that I could not get out and I could ram him if I wanted to. I said look we needed to get out and I had paid and if he did not let me out I was calling the police. He did call a supervisor who completely understood and came over, listened to what had happened, understood and let us out. This supervisor should be commended and the other brainless idiots let go! Moreover, given the money Parknfly must be making they should replace their antiquated machines with some higher tech stuff including screens that are legible in bright daylight in which theirs are impossible to see. If you want to look at a real slick setup for an airport parking lot then look at US Park at Detroit Metro Airport. We will not ever use Toronto Parknfly again and will seek out other options until we hear of improvements. (We later talked to an AirCanada airline hostess who told us of an issue with her passcodes not working in their machinse and needing an attendant to get her through. Their systems are just too cumbersome and confusing - signage is terrible, screens are terrible, attendants are terrible.)
Park'N Fly - Toronto (Economy Lot)
I have parked in the SelfPark lot on Dixon Road because we could not find the Valet ParkNFly lot on Dixon Rd in Toronto. Now I am worried that the economy lot might not honour my Valet coupon and I will be charged full lot price...for 30 days! Can somebody find a way for me to confirm my coupon? I have emailed the company 3 times with no answer and I am still in the USA heading back and worried that my parking problem will not be solved by the time we return.
Park'N Fly - Toronto (Economy Lot)
What happened to your great deal of pay for a week and park for 28 days - it was wonderful but I can't seem to find it now.
Park'N Fly - Toronto (Economy Lot)
AVOID IT! Last time I went to Vancouver from Toronto and parked my car there. I printed the discounted coupon beforehand,after I input the correct dates that I would park and pick up my car. After I came back to Toronto, I picked up my car and presented the ticket (which I got by the time I parked my car there) and the coupon to the cashier at the exit. The lady there took my coupon and charged me much more than the price printed on the coupon(approximately $20-30 more). It did not make any sense. She gave me back a "ticket" and claimed that I was not qualified for the discounted rate. She claimed that her computer showed her that new price. Well, I did came back on the exact date and picked up my car at almost the exact time as printed on the coupon. I was not satisfied and demanded to talk to her senior, but she claimed that her senior was in Montreal. We argued for a long time until her colleague just came for work. I explained the situation to her and she checked the "ticket" given to me. The date shown on the ticket, surprisingly, showed that I started using the parking lot several days after I left Toronto to Vancouver. I was in Vancouver, how could I drive my car into the parking lot and park there? The conclusion is: the lady simply picked up a ticket among the numerous ones scattered on her table and gave it to me and asked me to pay a higher price. I showed my flight ticket to her colleague to show that I was actually in Vancouver on the date that the "ticket" showed I drove the car into the parking lot! She solved the problem and I paid the price as shown on the coupon. But I never receive an apology from the first person that I encountered. Avoiding the trouble, I would NEVER NEVER NEVER use Park'N Fly again.
Park'N Fly - Toronto (Economy Lot)
I love these guys great deal great service
Park'N Fly - Toronto (Economy Lot)
What a deal and Great Service.

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