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SKYPARK Airport Parking
Made a reservation online only to arrive at 6am and be told that the lot was full. Isn't that why you make a reservation?? To RESERVE a spot??? They don't care. Just say "the lot is full" and walk away. Park anywhere else!!
SKYPARK Airport Parking
On March 14, we arrived at the Skypark on Airport Road only to be told that the lot was full. When I told the attendant that I had a reservation, she tersely replied, "We reserve the right to cancel at any time without notice." Not the kind of thing you want to hear 3 hours before your flight is to depart. I've used this company several times in the past with good results. I will, however, never return. As a customer, their management needs to know that "I reserve the right not to do business with unethical companies." SKYPARK, YOU BLEW IT!
SKYPARK Airport Parking
Do not use. The parking lot will destroy your car with all the pot holes. Come with rubber boots so you can actually walk through the deep puddles to get in your car. Landed in Toronto today, spent half an hour trying to call them for a shuttle but nobody picked up. Had to get a taxi to the lot which cost me $22. They did not care at all. I will never use Skypark again. Spend a little more for a proper experience.
SKYPARK Airport Parking
Do not use! Showed up 2 hours before our flight and was told lot was full. Told them we had a reservation but they said they have the right to cancel at any time without penalty. Other people were being told the same. Stay away.
SKYPARK Airport Parking
[Mark B]
Stay away from them, you make a reservation a month in advance and when you show up they tell you the lot is full.
SKYPARK Airport Parking
[Sam Spade]
Skypark Airport Valet Parking, Things you should know about these Speed Demons & Car Wreckers I have a Dash Cam and a GPS tracking system installed in my car which records and shows precisely where my Car has travelled. The Camera records, Position, Speed, both Video and Audio. The tracker records driving events (sudden braking, rapid acceleration etc.) as well as Map Plotting for on road as well as off road. Returning from Vacation I received several text messages that my Car had registered both Braking and Rapid Acceleration alerts. I viewed the Camera recordings the next day and discovered my car at one point had be driven down the road at a high rate of speed to a remote parking location. The car also has a Traction Control Alert system the emits a loud beep sound which I heard several times while the Car bounced over Pot Holes and whatever else the Driver managed to hit. The return journey shows the same careless behavior and also shows the Sudden Braking event. The driver can be heard talking on his cell phone while driving down the road and around the Fasken Drive parking lot, between the buildings to the end of the lot, sitting there for several minutes to finish His conversation. I reported this incident to the Manager and she was not concerned and told me to park my own car next time. No Apology for my Vehicle best used as a Test Driver by their Speed Jockey or the reckless manner they treated my Car. I have now read other posts reporting damages and missing Items from their Vehicles after using Skypark. Beware………Use at YOUR OWN RISK!
SKYPARK Airport Parking
[Don't use skypark]
Parked car with them for 2 days. Everyone that works there was very unprofessional and rude. Waited over 45 min for a pick up on the return day. Had to call 3 separate times until shuttle came. They kept claiming that they sent a shuttle but none was outside waiting by the post. Which was a total lie as my husband was outside waiting the whole time in -15C. 3 shuttle buss passed by and not even one stopped at the designated spot. When I finally got to the counter the car had been running outside the whole time and the odometer was 50km over. I went inside to the talk to the lady who was extremely rude to explained what happened and she said she couldn't do anything and I should leave my number for a manager to call back. No call back. Never park there. I wish I could have seen these reviews BEFORE I parked there.
SKYPARK Airport Parking
4 car owners was going to use Sky park as we got this fabulous coupon from our Toronto travel; service. Can't thank all of you enough for posting. Unreal; unbelievable experiences ; but I believe you; How do they ever keep in business! Thanks for all the warnings
SKYPARK Airport Parking
Had a similar experience with dealing with these people after damaging my bumper and saying they weren't responsible, I couldn't prove the damages weren't already there, etc. Finally got them to pay for it by keeping persistent. Dealing with Yana is a nightmare. For anyone else who is having a hard time with them, try calling her on her personal phone number 1 (416) 722-8127.
SKYPARK Airport Parking
Like many on here I had used Skypark and wished I hadn't. We were gone 16 days and when we returned there was damage to the drivers rear bumper. When I went back into the office to file a complaint I was told several times there was no manager to assist me and no one else with authority to deal with my complaint. Staff were very rude and eventually a man appears from some back office stating that he was the owner. He informed me that I couldn't prove the damage happened on his lot and therefor they were not going to help me in any way and at one point he suggested that I was lying about the damage. we were treated like criminals, the staff were unprofessional and not helpful in any way. the guy the stated he was the owner was very rude and condescending. I have never dealt with a company that has such disregard for its costumers. I wish I had read these reports before going there. I will never use this service again and would warn everyone to be careful if your considering parking you car with them
SKYPARK Airport Parking
I have used this service in the past and loved it, however, my last experience I had was very disappointing. When I picked up my car (which I had bought just three weeks before) I noticed a large scratch on it. After calling and emailing Skypark many times they finally got back to me and informed me that no matter what happens to a car in their care they are not responsible for anything and that is why I have insurance. I will now unfortunately have to pay for the scratch they put on my car.
SKYPARK Airport Parking
Picked up my vehicle March 10, 2016 and had a remote starting system they claim they start my vehicle but wasn't running window half open and dident think of anything put my spare keys and went home and found one pair missing trying to deal with them seems impossible they need a reality check thanks
SKYPARK Airport Parking
[Steve O]
Beware of using Skypark Toronto - I've had one of my worst experiences with any company! Based on my experience, I'm not convinced that Skypark Toronto is a legitimate business. It felt like parking my car with complete street hustlers who destroyed it and had no management to help the issue. I parked my car at the Valet Fasken loication. When I came back to pick up the car, all my lights were on, the speedometer was not working, the steering wheel stiff...basically, the entire car was shut down. It was really obvious they jump-started the car and screwed up the entire censors of the Hybrid. I was very disappointed that no one even cared to warn me about their mess up. My shock was compounded when I shared my feedback with the "supervisor" whose name is Yana. Without even look at me of willing to see the car, she said, sorry I cannot help you. We are not responsible for anything. Even before she saw my car, she was already confrontational and argumentative. I asked her to please come and check the car...and her actually said this to me - "I do not need to see your car! We are not responsible for anything" I was shocked beyond words...when it was obvious I was not leaving without a resolution, she left the building grumbling and complaining, went to my car and told me the same thing! I asked if she was the owner or if I had a chance to speak to someone else who was more reasonable...and her response was - "I'm not the owner...but you can only speak to me" I literally had to take my car out of their parking lot without any assistance from them...except for the insult that is. I had to fix the car at a dealership and they confirmed that the car was boosted. I send the report to Yana, to no effect. Skypark Toronto does not operate like a business. I did not find them trustworthy, responsible, and had zero concept of customer service. I will place a complaint and probably get the lawyer involved. These guys should not be operating as a real business...they really are not. Needless to say, I'd rather carry my car with me than park with these hustlers again....and for everyone else, please BEWARE!!!!!!
SKYPARK Airport Parking
I have used this company several times before without any problems (apart from scratches on the car - but you get that at every parking lot I thought at the time...). Last Christmas I went for a week vacation to Cuba. When we returned, the car was running and warmed up (with the window down in the misty freezing rain...). The Check engine light and some other lights were also on, and a quick Google search suggested the reason to be a loose gas cap, so I thought I might have forgotten to tighten the gas cap when I filled the car before leaving it at Skypark. (Although it has never happened with me before...). Sure enough, after tightening it and starting the car a few times, the lights went away. Then just yesterday, after arriving back from another vacation, I found the car with the same warning light problem again. It just seems to be too much of a coincidence, I think. Possible gas theft/syphoning off? I am not sure, and also cannot prove it, I am just saying... In any case, I don't think I will use them again.
SKYPARK Airport Parking
I was not aware of any of these reviews. My own fault for not doing my due diligence. I have been using this company for two years and it was just recently brought to my attention after installing a GPS device in my SUV that they have been using my vehicle every time I leave it with them to drive it gods knows where. There are trips at all hours of the day and night, some 5km, some 40 km, speeding, etc. I have had to hire a lawyer. I would like to speak with anyone who posted here or who had a similar experience that took any form of legal action i.e police, lawyer, small claims, etc. Please contact me by email to
SKYPARK Airport Parking
[Jim J]
Parked at Skypark Dec.19/15 for 8 days. The manager on duty that morning (woman with a Russian accent) was very rude and unprofessional. The counter attendants even seemed afraid of her but they were ok. On our return, it took the shuttle about 30 minutes(after calling them) to pick us up and the driver was also very rude. When we got back to the car, it was warmed up as they said but the driver's seat was wet as it was raining and the driver's door was not closed properly due the seatbelt was hanging out.
SKYPARK Airport Parking
[Ilan J]
After finding their $9.95 rate attractive, I went ahead and left my car in the care of their valet lot on October 4th 2015. Upon exiting the vehicle I noted the odometer reading as I always do when leaving my keys with any valet service. On October 7th, upon returning home, I was disappointed to find the odometer reading was up by 177km when the distance from the airport to my home (according to Google Maps) was a mere 19km! My vehicle was driven 158km while in the care of Skypark Airport Parking. I called and immediately lodged a complaint with Yana, Skyparks manager. She rejected my complaint as being "impossible" without so much as suggesting she would look into it. Only after I encouraged her to at the very least inquire with her staff did she suggest she would do so. She had subsequently called me and told me that she found no wrongdoing and that I must complain to Garak (owner?), whose email address she provided. As I had suspected, Garak did not call or return my email. After a month I called back to followup on my complaint and was told that my only recourse would be to file a police complaint. Its no surprise that their invoice makes no mention of the odometer reading when dropped off as I can only suspect how often this actually occurs. In retrospect, I should have read the many warning posts Skypark airport parking has online prior to leaving my car in their care. I will be filing a police report; needless to say, I will never use their services again and caution anyone considering their car lot to reconsider.
SKYPARK Airport Parking
[Dash 8]
I am glad I read these reviews as I was considering leaving my car at this place whilst we vacationed in Dominican. I will certainly not be doing that now after reading these horrific reviews. They won't get my money now, thanks for all your input. Seems criminal that people like this can get away with this sort of behavior.
SKYPARK Airport Parking
SKYPARK Airport Parking
STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP if you value your vehicle you will stay as far away as possible.Left vehicle at skypark for a week to find driver side all scraped from front door through to rear panel as well as tennis ball size dammage on rear bumper.I paid for valet parking which means they parked the car and retrieved when i returned.the dammage was noticed the following morning before car was driven after returning from airport either way they are not held responsible in any way for driving or storing your vehicle. all this means is they have been handed a license to destroy other peoples seems to me that this kind of business needs to be policed in some manner to protect people.Its about time for mandatory cameras on site and insurance coverage of their own.
SKYPARK Airport Parking
Left my car for a it returned with a huge dent, and parking sensors screwed up. I even have there finger prints on the dent...of coarse they deny and say that there is a waiver on the receipt. I am still taking them to small claims. Does anyone know the last name of Yana the rude manager? suggestions to take action? Also the tank was low, and they drove for 19kms who knows where, also the station had ghetto rap playing with all the seat and settings changed...its like they took my car joy riding. On top of that, some items were missing from my trunk. Thanks Sky Park, see you in small claims.
SKYPARK Airport Parking
We arrived to pick up our car at 1am and were told our car wouldn't start due to cold. In fact, they did not properly turn off the iignition of our car and it drained the battery over 5 days. The attendant laughed.
SKYPARK Airport Parking
Wow, I used this place 3 times over the past few years and never had an issue with damage, however, I suspected my car was used while I was on vacation. They were always pleasant, until last January when I used them....found this site planning to book...but think I will pass on them and cab it to the airport, or use one of the competitor parking places.
SKYPARK Airport Parking
AVOID!!! Parked my car for four weeks. When got back from my trip found a huge crack on windshield from passenger's side and my car was towed due to construction without my permission. I drove to their office and complained about it. Two days later got a phone call from a manager, her name was Yana. She gave the SMARTEST ADVICE EVER, to call my insurance! Thank you Yana, I didn't know it if you wouldn't tell me!!! My suggestion is NEVER PARK THERE!!!!
SKYPARK Airport Parking
I've flown with a Canadian based travel company(corporate headquarters right across from Skypark) a few times and they usually sent me a voucher for another parking company. This time (Nov 2014) the voucher was for Skypark. I thought if the travel company recommended Skypark they must be reputable. Boy was I wrong. When I tried to drive the car it was making weird noises and wouldn't steer properly. So I got out of the car to see what was wrong. Whoever brought the car back from the off-site parking lot must have hit a curb at high speed. The left front wheel was pointting inward. The rim, tire and hubcap where severely damaged as well as the lower control arm was bent and cracked. Not sure what else is wrong( waiting for the insurance adjuster to see the car). I went into the office to report the damage and all I was told was that the driver's shift was over and had gone home. They took my cell number and said Yana would call me. 2 days later I haven't received a call and judging by the complaints I've read I won't be getting one either. Needless to say we had to get the car towed to a dealership in Niagara. As we waited for the tow truck to arrive we watched the drivers bringing other peoples cars back for pick up. You'd swear they thought they were driving race cars. I expect many other people will have damaged cars once the snow stays on the ground and the parking lot is slippery. I've told friends and family not to use Skypark and suggest anyone who reads all these complaints do the same. Tell any and everyone!!
SKYPARK Airport Parking
[fed up]
this place is a piece of trash,, picked up my truck and the hood is smashed and windshield, 2000 in damages,, they claimed they would fix it but no , after I left no return calls, emails nothing but ignoring me,,i am out 500 in deductible for their scam services. Never use this place!
SKYPARK Airport Parking
Never, ever do business with these people!! We left our car there for 10 days and when we returned, the driver side mirror was missing. They denied that it happened while the car was with them, yet there was a note stating that the mirror had been broken. Janna, the manager was extremely rude and unprofessional, but agreed to replace the mirror. We took 2 vehicles out to their site to drop off the car for repair and drove back home (60km each way)...she called an hour later to say that she changed her mind and to come and pick up our unrepaired car. Horrible customer service and liars. They should be shut down.
SKYPARK Airport Parking
Also had a bad experience here - wish I would have found this page before using Skypark. Picked up my car yesterday and the tail light was broken - off course they take no responsibility as others have experienced. I also spoke with Yana who others have as well and had the same experience. I was told the damage was "weather related"... go figure. Not sure on next steps yet, but please avoid this place - horrible end to an otherwise enjoyable family vacation. Oh, and I think they took my car for a joyride as well as the trip counter was reset to zero. AVOID AVOID AVOID!!!!!
SKYPARK Airport Parking
I used to park there for a few years and what horrible service be careful of the drivers that take your car and park. they don't only steal things from your car but they take them for a drive around town and use your gas. They will hit things and say its not them. I just got back from being away and my whole bumper have been scratched they rammed into a wall.. A pair of 300 or more designed glasses were stolen and case left. don't park here anymore.. top it off the owner will not call a client he had for years back. now its going thrugh the police
SKYPARK Airport Parking
[don't go!]
I WILL NEVER GO THERE AGAIN ! - car DAMAGED after I parked there for a few days - car USED - very rude - you have to let the car key with them - aggressive tactics: you saw the information about them online and arrive there a few hours before your flight; they know this and tell you very rude: you have to let the key with us, if you don't like it, go in the airport and pay much more. They know you don't even have time to go and park elsewhere. This is how they got your key and do whatever they want to your car. DON'T RECOMMEND AT ALL !
SKYPARK Airport Parking
As i stand here waiting for them to pick me up, i see a competitor's vehicle pass me 4 times. I've now been waiting 25 Mins. Would not recommend skypark.
SKYPARK Airport Parking
all of the above are lucky. my car came back to Hamilton on a flat bed truck after their car jockey t-boned another car while driving mine across the street. he was charged with careless driving. BUT the owner did not own up to it until I got intouch with the police officer who was present at the scene. they gave my insurance first until the officer realized SKYPARK was in in the care and control of my vehicle at which time the officer took their ins. Of course Skypark management did not tell the truth to me when I arrived there. It took 3 days to get it right. damage to my 2010 suv...$9,300.. BUT do not forget the 6th and 7th day are free!!!but can you afford it???
SKYPARK Airport Parking
parked here for 5 days , when i came back my car was damaged . talked to manager ( Yana) and by the way was very rude and would not accept any resposibility ssat all ( she could not express her self in proper english ) Will not park there again. i have trying to call and speak to the owner several time and all i have been getting is run around . this are crooks and i would urger anyone not park here . i am preparing to sue this crooks.
SKYPARK Airport Parking
I left my car there (European luxury car) while away on my honeymoon. For whatever reason, they opened my sunroof. This lead to the sunshade and headliner being damaged from all the rain while I was gone. There we no manager present when I got my car but showed the damage to the counter employee. I have sent polite emails, and made numerous polite phone calls, none of which have been replied to. I guess next step may be small claims... HORRIBLE SERVICE!!!!!!!
SKYPARK Airport Parking
Damaged my car right in front of me then refused to pay for damages citing i signed a damage waiver even though the employee was careless. Unscroupulus money grubbers!!!!!
SKYPARK Airport Parking
Left my car here for 5 days. When I picked up my car the passenger window was off the housing. Also the passenger heated seat is no longer working. No luck getting Skypark to take repsonsibility. DO NOT PARK THERE. Save yourelf $500 in repairs.
SKYPARK Airport Parking
Parked here for 8 days. When I went to pick up my SUV, found bumper damage. Complained to owner who said it was not their fault. I will not park here again. Called the police to have them investigated. This is not a reutable place to leave your car or truck.

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