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Anza Parking
Worst. Customer. Experience. Ever. I was a loyal Anza Parking customer for 17 years. Never again. Tonight, my family waited over 45 minutes for a shuttle with space. Five, count'em, five, shuttles came by full, and each time the driver said to "wait for the next one". An elderly couple that was already there said there had been three other shuttles that passed by. Note, the other parking services had twice the number of shuttles coming by and always had space for their customers. Finally we took a cab to the Anza lot. There were plenty of Anza employees there. Not a single one apologized. They all tried to avoid us. The cashier ("Jenny") was clearly used to irate customers. She just pretended she didn't hear what she didn't want to hear. She told us we could sit there all night, she would just switch to another lane. Everyone said "call the manager tomorrow." You know, if I were to go to Anza again, likely things would be alright. They'd likely be relatively capable on any given day. But I simply don't want to put my family (including two small children) at their mercy again, waiting in the cold for some mythical shuttle with space, driven by employees that don't care a whit.

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