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Calgary International Airport - Economy Lot
Looked for a parking stall for over 20 minutes and could not find one. Decided to leave and try another parking lot. I explained this to the employee, but they said I had to pay a week's rate to leave. I told them (again) the lot was full and they said "no it's not, we can see open stalls on our cameras". I asked where the open stalls were and they said they "were in the lot". I asked where (again) and they said "in the lot" (again). This went on for a few more rounds before it was clear they were not being truthful and merely holding out for a week's ransom. I went back in the lot and about 10 minutes later found someone backing out of a stall. I will not use the Economy Lot again and recommend you consider other lots too.
Calgary International Airport - Economy Lot
I just paid $47.10 for 2 days and 5 hours. Seems to be significantly more than $11.95 a day. There's no breakdown on the receipt to tell what I paid for.
Calgary International Airport - Economy Lot
[Frequent flyer]
I too have been charged $52.40 for one week. I think they charge for an entire extra day if you are even a minute over 7days. I also find they do not updating the status off 'lot full'. I can see empty spots from the road but the lot is closed. I would say this has happened 50% of the time!
Calgary International Airport - Economy Lot
I hope the weekly rates they posting is correct no more additional charges before we get back to calgary.
Calgary International Airport - Economy Lot
i trust for parking provider all information are correct
Calgary International Airport - Economy Lot
From [Jul 30 1pm] to [Aug 06 11pm] is more than 7 days.
Calgary International Airport - Economy Lot
Saw the advertisement signs indicating economy parking for $39.95 for week. Our flight left July 30th (1:00 pm) and returned August 6th (after 11 pm). So basically it was one week however when we exited it out we were surprised to see that the fee came out to $52.40. We were wondering why we were charged an extra day when it was still 7 days. It is great tho that the airport is offering lower parking fees, can't complain about that. Just wanted to point something out regarding the weekly rate of $39.95.

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