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Bellingham Parking
[David S]
Our driver was waiting at the lot when we arrived, helped us with our luggage and got us to the airport no time. Our return flight arrived early and, because she was watching the flight status, she caught the fact that we had departed late but were arriving early so she came with the shuttle earlier than the original plan and met us just outside the luggage claim. Great service from friendly staff. I couldn’t be happier. David (Vancouver BC)
Bellingham Parking
Our driver was waiting at the lot when we arrived, helped with our luggage (traveling with 2 kids, so we had 6 checked bags, carry ons and a stroller) and got us to the airport a few minutes later for our flight. On our return, she was already waiting for us with the shuttle right outside the luggage claim and helped us get loaded quickly. It was great to climb into the toasty warm shuttle on windy 28 degree F night. At the lot, she unloaded the luggage while I reinstalled the car seats and my wife and kids waited in the warm shuttle. The driver also suggested I get the car started and warmed up and was happy to wait so the little ones didn't have to climb into the cold car. In contrast, I've parked at Bellingham International Airport lot quite a few times and have always ended up walking to the car (when does the shuttle run?)and taking significantly longer than the shuttle ride to their nearby lot. Bellingham Parking's service is a big step up in my books, oh yeah, the price was fantastic too. Needless to say, I am a convert. Darrin (Bellingham)
Bellingham Parking
Nice lot, good location, best price, super service with the shuttle both ways, organized booking in advance - what's not to like!? Anne was our driver and made us feel welcome and important. I would definitely use Bellingham Parking for subsequent trips!
Bellingham Parking
Highly recommend. Have parked here 3 times now and great service every time.
Bellingham Parking
[Packer fan]
Prompt and courteous service from bus driver Anne. Upon our return it was great to find the shuttle waiting for us, although our flight had returned earlier than scheduled. Will definitely use this service again.
Bellingham Parking
[Just Another Canadian]
Have tried some of the other lots in an attempt to save money but was totally unimpressed with the service. Thought I'd give this one a shot before giving up and I'm glad I did, they were super friendly and helpful! Something no one else has mentioned... The lot is small, but the stalls are really big. My truck was not an issue and I could even open my doors all the way (unlike everywhere else I've parked). Less chance of damage from other vehicles that way too IMO. Also, the $7/day rate listed is just for short term. We were gone for 2 weeks so it was only $5/day. I think they're new, looks like they're still working on the lot and there's not a lot of signage up yet. Definite win for price and service though, will be back next year for sure.
Bellingham Parking
[Mike P.]
I recently used Bellingham Parking when we went to Vegas... I felt that our car was safe and Dave the bus driver was helpful and nice. I would recommend anyone to use this service.
Bellingham Parking
Great place to park! I've tried 4 out of the listed services and this was definitely the best. We had no problem (and no extra charge) when our flight was delayed and came back outside of their regular hours. I would recommend this place also because of the cheap rates--only $5/day if you stay more than 1 week. So cheapest for sure.
Bellingham Parking
Very impressed with service at this place. Driver was very nice and prompt. It was nice to get back from a long trip and have the shuttle waiting for us!! I would recommend Bellingham Parking to anyone.
Bellingham Parking
[Sophie A.]
Everything went very smoothly with these folks. We crossed the border early but called Ann and she was waiting when we got there. She helped us with our 1000 lbs of luggage and was very patient (with 3 kids things were a little nuts). Same thing when we got back, the shuttle was waiting when we came out of the airport and we were driving home within minutes. I asked for some of their business cards to hand out to friends & family as I would definitely recommend them and will be staying again.
Bellingham Parking
Great service at a reasonable price. Dave the driver was great and although we arrived earlier than anticipated he was ready to assist. I would recommend Bellinghamk Parking to fellow Canadians who are flying out of Bellingham as it is easily accessible. We arrive back early too and a quick call to Dave from the airport had him on his way earlier than he anticaipted. Very helpful and courtious service. Dave (Surrey BC)

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