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(serving Edmonton International Airport)

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Park'N Fly Edmonton
Just got home. Janeen was our driver. Best park and fly driver ever! Warned everyone about icy conditions. Polite and friendly. Seemed to know every make and model of vehicle.
Park'N Fly Edmonton
I will never use this service again. I will pay the extra few dollars to park in a closer lot with better service. Upon leaving the airport, there was no signage for park n fly so I asked for directions, and was sent to the opposite end. The shuttle driver pulled in for a brief moment and as I headed in that direction and waved to the driver, she waved back and drove away. Then I chased her all the way down to the other end again and was told they can't just stop anywhere. Overall 30 minutes to get back to my vehicle, I could've walked with my luggage faster.
Park'N Fly Edmonton
[Pissed Passenger]
We used Park n Fly and were very disappointed with their service. Everything was fine when we were picked up and dropped off at the airport. Unfortunately when we returned, it was a totally different story! To begin with, the shuttle was over loaded, with passengers standing which made it difficult for people to unload their luggage when they wanted to exit the shuttle at the lot. We were dropped off at our vehicle, which happened to be 2 am on a freezing winter night and joined a line of approximately 20 cars. This lead to a very frustrating hour long wait.Some cars were at the gate for over 5 minutes before being processed. Slowly, very very slowly we finally made our way to the very rude and extremely slow cashier who informed us that the computer system was down. She was processing the parking fee manually at a snails pace. She sauntered to the other side of the room to use a calculator to figure the amount of change required from the $100 we gave her. She never broke a sweat at the pace she moved. A co-worker stood behind her with her hands in her pockets during the whole transaction. Frustration does not even begin to describe how we felt. This is the first and last time we will use Park n Fly. We have always parked at the airport and after this experience we will continue to. The small amount of savings using Park n Fly is not worth the trouble.
Park'N Fly Edmonton
First time parking since moving to Edmonton. Chose this parking lot based I guess on branding... Had the great misfortune of spending nearly an hour in line, outdoors in the cold waiting for a shuttle with space to return me to the lot. Then spent over 30 minutes in my car in line to access the sole checkout station open (automatic kiosks all closed). Was told this delay was because "four planes landed at the same time". I guess Park N Fly can't handle 4 planes at an airport that has 700 movements a day. All that time waiting around in the cold led me to some useful observations however: -- a competitor with a closer parking lot ran shuttles at about a 3:1 ratio to Park-N-Fly during the same time, with buses that seat conservatively twice as many people -- this same competitor appeared to have the foresight to have more than one payment station open in their parking lot, and seems to charge the same price for their services Obviously will not be parking with Park-N-Wait ever again. Getting from shuttle pickup to Hwy 2 shouldn't take as long as one's flight.
Park'N Fly Edmonton
[Concerned Customer]
We returned from Peurto Vallarta on Feb 4/2014. After waiting at the Park`n Fly pick up spot for over a half hour the shuttle showed up. it was about-22 C. The shuttle was had 1 seat left when we proceeded to leave when some people at the south end of the arrivals area flagged the bus to stop. A young woman with a medium size dog was allowed to get on. She had a large kennel with her but didm`t want to put her dog in it but the driver made her do this. The kennel was blocking the exit access so people had a bad time exiting with luggage. If there was an accident the exit was restricted which is not safe at all. Then as we weaved through the parking lot having trouble with the corners the bus scraped the right rear corner of a car packed at the end of an isle. At the pay station there is a sign stating Park`n Fly is not responsible for any damage to vehicles no matter how it happens
Park'N Fly Edmonton
I had not used Park'N Fly Edmonton in a few years and will NEVER be using them again. Their service has definitely gone in the toilet. When we arrived at the lot, the sign at the entrance indicated a wait of 2+ minutes for the next shuttle. It was actually over 1/2 hour and 3 shuttles later. Even then, a family of 4 who had been waiting longer than we had were not able to get on that shuttle. Instead of continuing where the previous shuttle had left off, the next shuttle started a couple aisles over where parkers had arrived more recently and by the time the shuttle circled back to our aisle, there wasn't room for the family. We heard the shuttle driver talking into a radio, so surely the drivers are able to tell the next shuttle which aisle to go to first! In addition, the slow progress of the shuttles was painful to watch. Each stop took several minutes just to load a couple suitcases. We used this shuttle service as I had had good experiences with it years ago and with a discount it was somewhat cheaper than airport parking. Take my word for it, the small discount is NOT worth the awful service.
Park'N Fly Edmonton
[Frequent Flyer]
Beware of this parking facility; There is a driver of the shuttle bus named John, who is EXTREMELY RUDE to all persons who park in this lot. He has been fired on many occasions but has always managed to get his old job back. When I parked there on my last trip myself and another driver were was forced to get our vehicles stuck in an enormous snow drift because he would not let us get on the bus if we parked in a clean stall. This event occurred at 3:00AM in a blinding snow storm. A complaint was registered with the head office in Ontario and they indicated that they were aware of this person but that they could not find anyone else to drive their bus. If you choose Park'n Fly beware that the security people are not the only ones who will destroy your trip.
Park'N Fly Edmonton
Great Value and service

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