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Park & Jet Calgary
Was treated rather poorly when we first got there. I handed him a copy of my email confirmation and he claimed it was for next week (our return date). He was wrong of course, he did not admit he was wrong but grudgingly let me in. After this everything was smooth, quick pick up and polite service on both ends. Payment was smooth and the cashier was polite. I would use them again.
Park & Jet Calgary
[not happy with park and jet]
Stuck in Park and Jet parking lot for over an hour with no help. Lousy service. Waited for Park and Jet shuttle at 1am 5 flights coming in to YYC at same time long line up. Park and Jet had only 2 shuttles running finally got on 2nd shuttle after first one filled up. Got to car at 1:40am. Snow bank on back of car 3 feet high. Packed snow. Called for help, they said they would send someone out to help. While waiting used windshield brush/blade to remove snow as best I could. Backing car in and out multiple times. Finally got car free at 2:45am. No help had arrived. Drove to clerk who smirked and took his sweet time to process payment. I was in row F in full view of the clerk's window. Pissed customer
Park & Jet Calgary
[Casual Traveller]
They have good rates and the shuttle service is very good to excellent. You rarely have to wait very long to be picked up or catch the shuttle when returning from a trip. They have a very large lot with many spaces.

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