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Bellingham International Airport
I don't fly BLI anymore. Parking rates + border uncertainty + Alligiant extra add-ons for everything+unfavourable $$ exchange make YVR and its sky train service much more attractive. BLI had its day, now over. Too bad.
Bellingham International Airport
[John H.]
Expensive and slow. There was no parking in the main lot so we had to use one of the distant overflow lots. By the time we found a spot we were already behind schedule, then we waited in the cold with our luggage and kids for at least 20 minutes before a shuttle came, and the driver seemed aggravated at having to pick us up. There was no apology for the long wait. We were lucky we didn't miss our flight. There was no long-term discount even though we were gone for 3 weeks. Next time I will try one of the other parking providers.
Bellingham International Airport
Lived up to our expectations and more so. It was a great start to our trip to Hawaii for Christmas. Very welcoming and provided us with information about things to do when we were there. Arrived back and were quickly shuttled to our car and off for home. We had a very trouble free vacation and it all started and ended with Wiki Wiki. Would recommend it highly and use it next time we're flying out of Bellingham.
Bellingham International Airport
$ 63.00 for a week ???? I just got back from the bellingham airport parking and they charged me $81.00 for a week ...what goes with that

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