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(serving Edmonton International Airport)

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Park2Go (previously Elite Indoor Park & Ride)

Horrible! After dropping my car off for the month of February I was assured it would be plugged in since its winter (DUH). IT WASN'T! I came back to a dead battery. Ended up having to wait 4 hours for CAA to tow my car to a garage....they tried boosting my car but ended up blowing a fuse because they don't know the difference between negative and positive terminals. They were using a minivan with a set of jumper cables for boosting! The CAA tow truck driver had already been there 3 times that week because of their boosting F***ups. He pointed out 2 proper booster trucks on their site that were broken down for weeks and had not been repaired. Mickey mouse outfit. My agreement was the dates I had provided at a fixed price. I was dinged for an extra 2 days parking! Don't ever go there! They are after a quick buck and nothing else. I was lucky they only blew a fuse. Could have been much worse as they are totally incompetent and should not be in business. My first and last time ever using their "service".

Park2Go (previously Elite Indoor Park & Ride)
[Rod Farnsworth]

Want to thank Elite Indoor Parking for their fantastic service!!!! Usually Jet Set parkers...but no longer....half the price and the pickup service can't be beat!!! Don't have to hunt a shuttle down... Just call and they are there!!!! Thanks Again....will be back!!!

Park2Go (previously Elite Indoor Park & Ride)
[Leo B.]

By far the best experience I've had when parking near the airport.
From the entrance to the garage, the front desk staff was incredibly nice, friendly and helpful.
The Drivers were exactly what I expected: Very courteous, professional, friendly and helpful (Kudos to them)
Overall, I will definitely be using Elite's services from this point forth, and I have already began bragging about the great service I received to all my acquaintances!!
Great Job!

Park2Go (previously Elite Indoor Park & Ride)
[Happy Snappy Christine]

Good! I read all of the reviews but decided to try this business for the first time. I thought they were very professional and tried their best to accomodate me and my requests. Vehicle was clean- and honored a rate I was promised. Would certainly used this service again and am planning to purchase a few gift certificates for a friend who desperately needs her vehicle detailed. Sorry couldn't find anything to complain about!
Thanks again!

Park2Go (previously Elite Indoor Park & Ride)
[Jimmie Dexter]

I use their services usually every 1/4 when i travel with work. I love the staff. I especially love coming back to a warm clean car in the winter.. I will always use their services.

Park2Go (previously Elite Indoor Park & Ride)
[Frequent Flier]

An update to my review. I have been in contact with the management at Elite Indoor Parking. They have since addressed the identified damage on my vehicle and I appreciate their response and working with me to have the issue resolved to my satisfaction. Hopefully my comments and criticism will be use constructively by the organization to truly improve their product and customer service.

The business is a good idea, but can be better executed. Problems:

1. Improve customer focus and customer service.
2. Vehicles are not washed well, rinsed off after being stored in and unpaved lot, so residue is on cars.
3. Shuttle service is not consistent at times fast, others infrequent and it does not seem like they do not track flights or send shuttles based on flights.
4. They do not tell you where your car is when you arrive or upon paying for their services
5. They do not respond quickly to customer concerns and make it difficult to voice concerns
6. The posting of signs and disclaimers everywhere is an indication of their "problems"

I have had communication with their management over the issues and hopefully this review will give the organization and customers the information to help this company be more successful in the future.

Park2Go (previously Elite Indoor Park & Ride)
[Frequent Flier]

For another perspective check out their rating from the Better Business Bureau.. it is = "F".

The only thing elite about Elite Indoor Parking is their "Elite" attitude toward customer service. This company does not respond to customer service issues directly.

Cars are stored in an outside unpaved lot so are covered with dust and when not "washed" but rinsed are left with dirty residue and look worse than when they were dropped off.

Shuttles are not scheduled, but call on demand and the response is slow yet they have their tip jar prominently displayed. So what's the purpose of providing my flight information and arrival and departure times?

They do not tell you where your car is when you arrive so you wander their building till you find it.

Good idea but bad execution and customer service by Elite Indoor Parking.

Oh beware, my car was scratched while in their possession and they tried to cover it up and now deny all responsibility and do not reply to any of my concerns.

Park2Go (previously Elite Indoor Park & Ride)

We recently used Elite Park and Fly and were very impressed with the entire experience! Just to name a few great points of the service they provided:
The quick assistance of our luggage upon arrival - we did not need to lift a finger
The front desk clerk - warm and welcoming and extremely polite
The facility - clean, wonderful lounge area with snacks and beverages offered! The garage bay area was also organized and tidy.
The shuttle - what a wonderfully accommodating gentlemen and quick to take care of all our luggage. The service was also on time and quick to / from the airport.
During our absence, we agreed to get our vehicle detailed and cleaned. When we arrived back, we found our vehicle warm inside, spotlessly cleaned inside and out and any personal items they had found while cleaning was neatly stowed in a clear bag down to the coins found under the seats.
Summary - we are very happy and will continue to use Elite, recommending them 100%

Park2Go (previously Elite Indoor Park & Ride)

I have parked at elite easily 50 plus times over the last 5 years. Other than a few minor things my experiances parking at elite have been overwhelmingly positive.

They remember me by name and on several occasions the staff has gone above and beyond what is required or expected.

The company I work for uses elite to stage and manage a fleet of oilfield service trucks and a group of 100 plus field operators reqularly park at elite and there have been very few incidents in what amounts to be literally thousands of parking experiances.

I came accross this page and saw some of the negative reviews which I felt were not a true representation of elite. Just like anything else, the few people who have negative experiances are almost guaranteed to look for a forum to voice their concerns. People who have a positive experiance don't bother.

Park2Go (previously Elite Indoor Park & Ride)

I have used Elite numerous times for both work and personal travel,

I find the booking process easy to use and the staff are pleasant and professional. We have used some of their secondary services (oil change) and found the prices reasonable. I like that my vehicle is clean and warm when I return from my trip. Once I return, I've never had to wait more than 10 minutes for the shuttle to take me from EIA to Elite. I only park here when I travel and have recommended Elite to friends and family when they travel.

Park2Go (previously Elite Indoor Park & Ride)

I would highly recommend Elite as their staff are very courteous and professional. My vehicle has always been treated with care and feel secure knowing it is in safe hands. I have used their services as well and find that they take pride in what they do and how they do it.

Park2Go (previously Elite Indoor Park & Ride)

As a travel agent who recommends Elite to my clients I have to say they went above and beyond recently for me and my clients. I had a situation in which I needed to get my clients parked, get some paperwork to them, and get them to the airport in a really tight time frame. The staff working that day really went above their job requirement to ensure everything worked out for my clients. I knew when I called them I was asking for more than the regular parking & shuttle service they provide but they bent over backwards to make it work for my clients. I know that they took every extra step to make sure the drop off and transfer to the airport was seamless and quick. I am aware of the efforts and extra service provide by the staff and I cannot express how much it was appreciated. I will continue to recommend their services my clients! THANK YOU ELITE!

Park2Go (previously Elite Indoor Park & Ride)

Used Elite Park and Ride three times now and every time there's been issues. First time we left our vehicle someone there had been joy riding with our vehicle as 18 kilometres had been put on the vehicle and everything in the vehicle had been gone thru. Glove box and centre console. Second time the vehicle got scratched on the back bumper. And now today we got there to pickup up our vehicle and it's still sitting outside at -22 but we still paid full price. Absolutely not impressed by this company and it will be the last time we use there service.

Park2Go (previously Elite Indoor Park & Ride)

Have used Elite twice for extended parking. Staff was courteous and attentive. Shuttle service prompt and it was a treat not to lug our baggage. Our car was clean, warm and ready. Will definitely use Elite again.

Park2Go (previously Elite Indoor Park & Ride)
[Dissapointed again.]

Once again I have tried "elite" with an open mind. Last winter I had massive scratches along the back bumper and I was told "well our pictures are not very good so its hard to say if it happened here" Excuse me? You take pictures and go on about how they inspect the vehicle yet the inspection does no one any good. anyways, I tried them again. And returned back last night. Only to find scratches in my leather.. I didn't even bother telling the young girl since I knew for a fact nothing would be done once again. All I can do now is tell others my experience and pray they are smarter than I am. STAY AWAY FROM "ELITE" PARK AND TRASH.

Park2Go (previously Elite Indoor Park & Ride)

Haha, to the last review, I fly out every2 weeks. The place is good but I have to agree. When I return on a weekend or evening flight it's way nicer. Can't even joke around when the "warden" is in. The boys and I were just talking about it last week before the flight. Half of them won't go back because of her sunny attitude. Send her to a customer service course!!

Park2Go (previously Elite Indoor Park & Ride)

Service at Elite Park and Ride was good; staff at counter were extremely friendly; shuttle drivers were on time and friendly as well; and my car was warm, washed and waiting, as promised. Only complaint I have is that the front counter manager is often rude to her staff and interrupts them when they are dealing with customers. I am a regular and have noticed this behaviour a few times. She's not a good fit for the company, other than this, the place is wonderful!

Park2Go (previously Elite Indoor Park & Ride)

I returned back last night, and I am ecstatic over the service I received. First off, the receptionist was very helpful and patient with us, considering we had to call in not once but twice to change our return time (due to mechanical issues and plane delays). Then finally when we managed to catch a flight home, returning just after midnight, we were relieved to step off the shuttle bus and see our truck inside AND SNOW FREE! This was our first stay with Elite, and its safe to say we will most definitely be returning for our next vacation.

Park2Go (previously Elite Indoor Park & Ride)

We used elite from when it first opened, last year we parked our brand new truck off for a 2week holiday in Jamaica. We had the truck detailed while we were away and when we returned it was late and we drove home. Next morning noticed a small dent in the edge of a rear well and the paint was starting to pull off the metal. Called elite and never heard from them again. So beware. Not: the place has cameras they could find when the damage was done but why would they!

Park2Go (previously Elite Indoor Park & Ride)

In regards to calling for a shuttle, we at Elite do our best to track flights. However even the EIA Arrivals site has delays for when they update the arrived flights. Also, we have no way of knowing how long luggage may take, or if you need to stop at a restroom or pick up a coffee, etc. We do our best to have a shuttle waiting, and a lot of the times this it the case for people. However, if a shuttle has a customer that has been waiting for 15 mins, and there is no sign of you (even if your flight says arrived as well). The shuttle must return as to not upset the other guests. Please take this into consideration.

Park2Go (previously Elite Indoor Park & Ride)
[Mark H]

I wouldn't park anywhere else! It saddens me to see some of these nasty comments. The staff are more than helpful. I once left my car at Jet Set only to come back to a slashed tire!!! Needless to say, I love the fact its parked in a secure lot which is always monitored.

Park2Go (previously Elite Indoor Park & Ride)

The customer service was excellent! Shuttle drivers were more than helpful and it was great coming home to a detailed car! Overall a lovely service

Park2Go (previously Elite Indoor Park & Ride)

Once I got over my initial disappointment, I was very pleased with the service. Call me naïve but I honestly thought that my car would be in heated parking the whole time I was away - right? indoor parking. I was choked when I saw all the cars parked outside and discovered it comes in on our arrival day. I have since reread the website and that is not made clear.

After that I received excellent service. Driver was patient when not once but twice we had left stuff in our car and he came back -- we hadn't left the parking lot but the graciousness was appreciated.

We had given all our flight details on the reservation. Our plane was over 1.5 hours late. I thought that if they are really Elite they will know that and adjust the pick-up time. I was so happy when we stepped out and the van was waiting for us. That's service. The car was washed, warm and waiting.

Park2Go (previously Elite Indoor Park & Ride)
[Happy customer :)]

Stayed with elite for 5 days service was good friendly people :) didn't have to carry my own bag at all!! Will deffinetly be back!

Park2Go (previously Elite Indoor Park & Ride)

Regarding cracked windshield. Your windshield was extremely rock pitted and unfixed rock chips. From temperature changes this happens. Please dont blame us for this.

Park2Go (previously Elite Indoor Park & Ride)

Whatever you DO NOT use Elite indoor park & ride Edmonton location, I brought my car in dec 12/13 for month vacation. When dropped of the car at elite indoor park & ride my windshield was perfectly fine no cracks, and even so called manager saw the pictures on their computer the car had zero cracks on the windshield. When I return back from my vacation you think a spider was on my windshield. CRACKS from one end to the passenger side. Beware of elite park and smash your ride. I will tell my co workers never ever use ELITE INDOOR PARK AND SMASH EDMONTON. NEGATIVE -10 BEWARE

Park2Go (previously Elite Indoor Park & Ride)

We do not was at -20 due to safety and a broken passenger door handle is not valid as we do NOT use the passenger door. When people have unfair expectations or purposly bring damaged vehicles it is unfair. We boosted many vehicles the last few days and at no charge. We do go above and beyond with our services but when people claim damage we did not do and yell and swear. Come on people.

Park2Go (previously Elite Indoor Park & Ride)
[Trent Moore]

Got back from my holiday to pick up my vehicle from Elite and my door handle was broken....I was told that they are NOT responsible for any damage to the vehicles... Treated very poorly from Jason the so called manager... I will never use this service again as my door handle will cost around four to six hundred to repair..
Jan 4, 2014

Park2Go (previously Elite Indoor Park & Ride)

Well I have to add to the bad reviews. When we arrived back from our holiday. We got back to Elite, to have our vehicle NOT washed. When hubby asked why this wasn't done ( as most of the vehicles waiting in th indoor parking were) we were told that when it get s to a certain temperature they don't wash the vehicles because they don't want the brakes freezing up on people.(no signs stating this when we left in the same temps...but there sure was when we got back to an unwashed vehicle!!!) Ok...sounds like a great reason. BUT our vehicle was still dripping from the snow & ice on it.(prettu sure it wasn't completely dryed ANYWAYS!!) I'm thinking it was not brought in the 24 hrs prior to our arrival either... Can't see us using them again. Oh & my cousin just used them this week...his door handle was broke off...NOT Elite's responsibility apparently??!!....they are the ones who drive the vehicle to the parking it to wash it indoors...but NOT their resposibility. Just a heads up people.

Park2Go (previously Elite Indoor Park & Ride)
[Recent Traveller]

I just used Elite Parking for the first time and I was extremely disappointed. Left for two weeks and bought the gold package. Came back with family after a very long flight in the early morning and it took them 1 hour to get my car as it wasn't ready. They drained the battery leaving the lights on while cleaning and didn't bother to even put back the wet carpets and mats back into the car. When I asked what they are going to do about not being done, they said phone the manager the next day. Yah, that didn't work at all. My suggestion, save your money, park in the parkade, and pay bubbles car wash the money to clean your car. Better value.

Park2Go (previously Elite Indoor Park & Ride)

Gordie. We at elite do Not ever charge for details not completed. Nor do we "use" your vehicle. Odometer reading is done when you check in. As we have been over full we have been unable to complete some details. Of course we still expect payment for parking service. We at elite are doing the best we can and would appreciate reviews from the 3-5000 happy and satisfied customers we provide services to every month.

Park2Go (previously Elite Indoor Park & Ride)

Went away for a week and asked for the bronze package... I realized they could get busy and not get to the detailing but to have to pay for a service I did not receive is ridiculous. Where on earth do you pay for half a job done and pay full price? I also seen a Tim Hortons coffee list left behind in my truck which is absolutely not mine... So needless to say they may use your truck as a coffee shuttle

Park2Go (previously Elite Indoor Park & Ride)

Just finished picking up after my stay. No issues and what a Great job detailing.

Park2Go (previously Elite Indoor Park & Ride)

The reviews are quite damaging to this company. Thanks for the heads up. I will not leave my vehicle there.

Park2Go (previously Elite Indoor Park & Ride)

thanks for reviews. that settles it for me. Will NOT be using this service!

Park2Go (previously Elite Indoor Park & Ride)

After using this company for quite some time the service this year is noticeably better. New staff, and great service this year. I wont park anywhere else.

Park2Go (previously Elite Indoor Park & Ride)

Thanks for this comment. I will not use their service this November. Again tahnk you all..this is helpul.

Park2Go (previously Elite Indoor Park & Ride)

Used this service for the first time Jan 2012 and will never return...
After arrival on a 12am flight i was picked up at the airport then shuttled to pick up my truck, when i arrived it was not washed which i paid for and it was still parked in behind other vehicles which i also had to drive out myself after they moved another truck which was blocking it in. So because it was not washed the following day after washing my vehicle i noticed 3 large dents in the tailgate, the following work day i called the manager and told him what had happened and i said he will contact me the following day which did not happen, so i drove out there to see them to show them the damage and a quote from a dent repair shop.
The manager called me the following day and said he will pay half of the damages....really!
So lets add this up...
Parking for a week...$120.00
Damage to tailgate..$236.00 ( Dent removal shop} Manager said he will pay half..$118.00
I think i can get a cab to and from the airport for a lot cheaper and have no damage happen to my vehicle.

Park2Go (previously Elite Indoor Park & Ride)

Arrived from airport at 12am and picked up vehicle which was in for a bronze package - well when I got it the inside smelled like a wet sheep dog died in my car - I complained on the spot and they told me to call the manager tomorrow - well a week later and after calling everyday still no response....their customer service is just as bad as their detail service, plus since they opened up their outdoor lot they racked up the parking price, might as well park in the covered parking at the airport!!!! Stay away, a cab is cheaper

Park2Go (previously Elite Indoor Park & Ride)

My wifes brand new car, big scratch around the back. have sent photos to Stephen Oosthuyzen who says he forwarded all to Cheryl, operations manager, who has never phoned me back. I dont expect to get anything back from them. As for the 360 video, it does not work, even the valet manager told me it was

new moto for them

washed, warm, waiting and SCRATCHED

well done Elite car scratching

Park2Go (previously Elite Indoor Park & Ride)

NEGATIVE : Our first experience with Elite was great. So we used them again. The second time getting the car washed AND paying for interior clean sounded like a good plan. My car is still brand new so wanted it well looked after. When I got home I noticed a sizeable scratch to boot of the car. It looks like it was either from being washed or someone walking by with a bunch of keys on their pocket. To this day Elite has not even acknowledged my comments re this. Despite numerous phone calls and emails. So my advice if you want your car to be the same as when you left it - don't park with Elite!

Park2Go (previously Elite Indoor Park & Ride)

When I heard about Elite Indoor Parking, I thought, “what a great concept; have your car washed, repaired and warm while you are away on a trip.
You can imagine my surprise upon returning on January 2, 2011, paying my bill, to find my car with a large ding in the rear quarter panel. The damage could only have been done by an Elite employee because once the car is dropped off in their indoor staging area, only elite employees handle it thereafter.
The on-duty manager, Matt Belanger, checked the photos taken when the care arrived and verified that the damage was done while on the premises.
Since then, I have send 3 e-mail messages and 3 phone call to Trevor Halwa, owner of Elite Indoor Parking, to which he has never initiated a response. On one call when he was reached, he indicated that he wanted two quotes on the damage and argued that the quote from an autobody repair shop approved by my insurance company was too high. He then called the autobody shop and tried to get a cheaper rate.
Over 4 months later, the matter is unresolved. Currently, I have the Better Business Bureau, the RCMP and my insurance company investigating. Unfortunately, my only remaining alternative is to sue Elite Indoor Parking.
Mr. Halwa has missed the key point of the importance of satisfied customers to any business. He has also missed the point that through word-of-mouth, BBB filings, Trip Advisor and other blog site, the damage to his reputation can exponentially exceed the $4000 that he is debating in this claim.
Please take this as warning about Elite Indoor Parking.

Park2Go (previously Elite Indoor Park & Ride)

You are taking your chances:
We used Elite over Christmas, we arrived to find our car damaged. $5000.00 worth of damage. It is now April 13,2011 and Elite has still not taking responsibility. We have had to contact the Leduc RCMP but because it is private property we will have to take them to court.
Great concept but too bad they will not take any responsibility for damages...found out that we are not the first to experience this problem.

Park2Go (previously Elite Indoor Park & Ride)

Was a great experience! Friendly service and my car was washed and waiting.Recommend over the others as my car was vandalized on my last trip. Was nice to know that shady people are not all over the parking lot looking to break into your car. Thanks again Elite for your service!

Park2Go (previously Elite Indoor Park & Ride)

This is a PISS-POOR service,
First of all we booked On-line thirty (30) days prior,For the Gold Clean Package and Seven day Indoor parking,
On arriving, we had to get out of our vehicle and enter the building , to get let in ,, their contract says" NO WAITING "DRIVE IN",,
At the airport,on arrival, we had to wait, for the shuttle,they sent (1) van that held (9) people and there were over twenty (20) people waiting outside in the cold Edmonton weather,FEB 2011,
What we had ordered was the FULL detail package,inside and out,Steam cleaning,detailing,, wash and wax.
WHAT WE GOT ,, was a truck that was as DIRTY as the day we left it,,(7)days later,,there was no cleaning done to the interior either
It WAS in the warehouse,, but was just put in there,the snow and dirt were still melting off of the truck.
Their company rep,told us there was no guarantee that our truck would be done upon arrival,, if at all,, as they were doing renovations,none that we could see,,This was never told to us via e-mail or when we arrived,,,
False and Misleading Sales Tactics


Park2Go (previously Elite Indoor Park & Ride)

Used this service once in December 2010.
Negative: Our SUV was not waiting for us. It was in the detail warehouse, took 30 minutes to get it out for us. At 1130pm and with 2 small children, it was a pain. Plus they only have one or two shuttles running. A bit of a wait at the airport
Positive: It was detailed excellently (additional charge), Warm, able to put in car seats in warm warehouse and not outside. They had drinks for the kids and me the big kid.

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