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WallyPark ATL
This was the worst service I received. Bought coupons from Groupon and was held hostage at the gate.....Cashier was unable to redeem (because she was not trained, machine was down and then she had to make a phone call. She then told me she would refund my coupons but first needed to redeem them all. After I did that she gave me back the coupon numbers and said her manager would have to redeem them. Then she made me pay to get out because I had gone over my time by 28 minutes (in line)...After I paid to get out, I asked her the grace time and she stated 30 minutes (blank stare) but she needed some money to make the gate go up. I called the manager on duty and then called her again the next day. She stated she never got my message (so one, she lied, never listens to her business messages, lied, or is a poor business woman. I would rather pay full fare then be harrased by incompetance!!! F- (please note I travel for a living).

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