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jetSet Parking

Why do they call it a valet service when you don’t get help unloading or loading your car and you have to go find your car when you arrive home. I paid more money for nothing!

jetSet Parking
[k & m]

In June of 2017, we parked at Jetset for three weeks and when we came back our muffler was hanging down. According to our mechanic, someone tried to steal our catalytic converter. Do not assume your vehicle is safe. We called Jetset to report, but zero response was received.

jetSet Parking
[Bill S]

Don't use the valet parking. Stolen items and joy rides by the staff. You'd think that they would be smart enough to know when a vehicle has electronic monitoring with geofence capabilities as well as a dash cam! You can't get away with too much these days without getting caught.

jetSet Parking

Never again !! We used the we park end of feb beginning of march when it was cold , first off when we got back they couldn't find our ford escape so an attendant finally found our vehicle but it wasn't started or warmed up like it was suppose to be , the vehicle was stone cold . We were traveling with a 11 month old baby and needed to wait inside the building for 20 minutes while the vehicle warmed up . During our trip they did plug in the vehicle like I had asked but drove away with the cord still attached and did a bunch of damage and as suspected no return emails or contacts about the damage . I wish I would have read these reviews before using them . Never again .

jetSet Parking

Not a happy camper this morning February 22, 2014; a week ago we parked at Jetset using Wepark as we have done many times and I specifically asked them to plug in my newer car for the cold weather which they said they would and even noted it on their paperwork ; well they did NOT plug in my car, they had to boost it leading to a half hour delay at 1:00 in the morning and on top of that my car won't start this morning and I have missed an appointment as I wait for tow truck to come and boost me. Incompetency never wins you customers and I am really ticked today and forever. My bet is company policy is it is cheaper to boost than plug in cars and use electricity but this is what it leads to; no thumbs up from me.

jetSet Parking
[Unhappy Customer]

Worst parking experience ever. Got yelled at by one of the employee because we try to correct her mistake. First she accused us of coming back a week late and saying that's why our car was not out front. When I pulled out my email with the reservation showing that we did have the right date, that's when she yelled at us and when I told her we been waiting for 1/2 hour she make a nasty comment that it was like 15 minutes not 1/2 hour. Who talk to their customer like that. She might be only looking for 15 minutes but we were dealing with another employee before her. We just left and went looking for our car. Don't know why we pay for valet when we have to look for it on our own. When I talk to the manager about the nasty and her attitude and ask for her name, he doesn't even know. What kind of manager does not know their staff's name.? We park here all the time for personal and business trips, well never again. I will go back to Park N Fly.

jetSet Parking

Used the WePark service and had $1800 damage to my truck upon return, they didn't tell me there was an issue I had to find it myself. They refused to pay for the damage and hid behind their insurance company because I couldn't prove that the damage happened in their lot. When I asked for any surveillance video or pictures of me pulling in or leaving they refused to look into it. What do they expect me to take pictures before I drop it off and after I leave? They are owned by Impark, the largest parking company in the world, I guess they aren't concerned with customer relations.

jetSet Parking
[Ken Cutrell]

I used this service from Dec 7th to Dec 14th for a trip to Mexico. I was happy with the convenience of having your car ready when you return and the closeness to the airport. I was however very very disappointed in the service given by the driver. While most of us have no issue loading our own luggage some people do need some assistance. We arrived on Transat Fl 255 late Saturday evening and the shuttle bus was packed. There was a lady with 2 small children getting on the bus and she had a real handful with her children and all their luggage. The driver never even got off his seat to offer her any sort of help even though he could see her having issues. I had to go out and assist her not that I minded but this guy really should not be in the customer service industry, it was actually very very poor customer service and this gut should find another line of work

jetSet Parking

Jestet edmonton have the worst Managment running the business. They don't care about their employee and they also don't care about their customers . They tend to keep their contract with the airport based on lies . They make it sound to the client that every thing is okay but the truth is the don't have a good system to run their business. Plus 99% of their employees are not happy the reason is they don't pay them well, they have employees working for 3-4 years with no increase on their base rate. All the complains they have in a day doesn't get passed to the client , they only report few things and this is again the just want to keep their positions. They are in to the hire and fire business , they don't keep their employees they force them to quite. Managment communication with employees is extremely poor. If there is any employee concerns no one responds. There is no proper traning for new staff , no one is assigned to do the traning. This business it's been running for only 3 years but it makes me sick when I see the number of employees that have passed through this job .simply the Managment is a careless , not supportive and fake Managment that only tries to show the client a different picture than what the reality is. Very sad Managment is not just about securing your positions on lies be responsible lead by example and keep your good employees and above all listen and fix your issues instead of ignoring.

jetSet Parking

Additional note: Have used them many times in the past with good results and am using them again tomorrow. HOpe the last occurrence was an anomaly.

jetSet Parking

Got back to Edmonton 1 hr. late after sudden fall snowstorm. Picked up immediately at Door 3 (best place to find the shuttle)
Arrived at the We-park carport and car wasn't there. Driver had taken our name from an old ticket we happened to have in wife's purse. Shouldn't have mattered, the name is the same. Desk personell really overloaded by the rush. Had hard time making myself understood. Showed the wrong ticket to the desk people and they considered that let them off the hook. Finally got the car to the front. Over an hour waiting at the office. In their support, they did give me a full refund. Still a pain. I would have thought the car would have been there 1 hr before we actually arrived. The hour of late should have been enough to cover any busy delay.

jetSet Parking

I won't use their service again - cash was missing from my vehicle when i returned from my trip.

jetSet Parking

Don't use it!!!! We used the "we park" last Easter and they caused $1600 damage to our vehicle. We arrived late at night and were assured by the girl working that her manager was aware of the situation and would handle it in the morning with us. Oh, and of course they would not charge us for parking. Lies! We were charged for the parking and why the first manager took our calls until he received the damage quote. One year of unreturned phone calls and I would say we won't see the damage caused by their driver scraping our vehicle alongside a truck.

jetSet Parking

Same Ryan as below. Used "We-Park" valet service again. The service is remaining great. They now have large "city bus" like shuttles. Wow no more waiting, either departing or arriving. Used Westjet check in again...flawless. For two days total $18.00. My truck was running and waiting. Again no paperwork and your credit card is your ticket to enter and leave the lot.

Will continue to use this parking service.

jetSet Parking

Wow! The service was awesome. I was blown away with the ease of the online booking. I used the "We Park" side, parked my truck, carried my baggage to the WestJet check in agent, gave the key to front desk girl, and boarded the shuttle. Just had to go through airport Securtiy. The WestJet check in at the airport was a zoo. We park agent right away. No waiting. Nice.

Now, Remember NOT to push for a ticket at the front of the lot, if you have booked online as your credit card IS your ticket. Coming back, lots of shuttles, it's nice to be acknowledged as there was no room on the first shuttle but the driver did stop, stating that. Another shuttle came within 5 minutes. My Tahoe was waitng for me, running and again no paperwork as I booked online. Wow. A serivce that works.

This was my first time at "We Park". I have used Elite - NEVER use as they do not have enough staff working the shuttles you wait 15 - 20 minutes and your vehicle may or may not be waiting for you. I have used Park N Fly a close second but it is more expensive now that they do not acccept AMA. Have not used Value parking.

My total cost for 4 days at We Park $38.00. Not bad at all for valet parking.

jetSet Parking

I used Jetset a few times for their valet service but last time they didn't have my truck waiting and it was because of a clerical error on their end. I booked online so they should have been using the electronic booking but relied on taking the dates down again and got it wrong. Once they figured out that they made a mistake they didn't show any concern to get my truck or any concern for my business. I sent a note describing the incident and they didn't even bother to respond. There are other services that I will use from now on.

jetSet Parking

Spent a week in Vancouver Dec 26 to Jan 2 and the bill for parking was 57.00 parking right at airport was full and vechicles were being directed to this location. Taking advantage of the situation , maybe

jetSet Parking

Easy to book online. Easy checkin if you are at least one hour early. Return was a cluster..... -20C, truck not started (they said it was started and was slow to warm up) My GPS shows that they lied. Would not use this service again.

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